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X3 Pure & Porous

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X3 implant.png

The Pure & Porous surface of X3  is well structured as SLA and clean as RBM.


Pure & Porous modification of dental implants’ surface unites the well-known advantages of SLA* and RBM** types of the surface (highly developed porosity for SLA and high surface cleanness for RBM), and is free from their drawbacks (occasional remains of blasting particles for  SLA,

and is not well structured surface topography for RBM).


* SLA is Alumina (or Sand) Blasted, Large-grit, Acid-etched surface of dental implants, pioneered by Strauman.


**  RBM is a dental implants surface treated by Resorbable Blasted Media (Hydroxyapatite and other Calcium Phosphates) following by light acid washing, pioneered by Lifecore.


Extremely Clean


Very Porous


Coronal Part


Micro rings

Bone platform shifting

Rough surface to the top


Greater surface area

Better load distribution

Less crestal resorption

Decreased crestal stress